Thanks for the Postcard offers a wide range of services to help promote and market artists & businesses.

We’ve been very much involved in the music industry over the last decade and have also worked to develop products for big brands.

A Selection of Our Clients

  • Analogsoul (DE)
  • Arcade Fire (CAN)
  • Back Creative (AUS)
  • Coeur de Pirate (CAN)
  • Das Paradies (DE)
  • Dare to Care Records & Grosse Boîte (CAN)
  • Fanny Bloom (CAN)
  • GEN (DE)
  • Jean Leloup (CAN)
  • Kroy (CAN)
  • Lenovo / Singleton Ogilvy Interactive (AUS)
  • Max von Wegen (DE)
  • Nokia / Singleton Ogilvy Interactive (AUS)
  • Le Consulat (CAN)
  • Les soeurs Boulay (CAN)
  • The Strumbellas (CAN)
  • Talking to Turtles (DE)
  • Vision Bakery (DE)
  • Vsitor (CH)
  • Warner Bros. / Singleton Ogilvy Interactive (AUS)

The Story


Nicolas started developing digital products in 2001 and has since then worked on over 150 different projects for clients in Canada, USA, Australia, Germany and England. – After spending his free time designing & coding a Content Management System from scratch while working for an NGO in South Africa in 2004,  Nicolas started freelancing and offering highly customized digital products.

“Thanks for the Postcard” was coined when he found himself sending thank-you notes as postcards to his clients while traveling & working from Sweden, Spain and Morocco. They usually all answered with the same simple email, reading: “Dear Nicolas, thanks for the postcard!”.

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