The Story

Nicolas started developing digital products in 2001 and has since then worked on over 150 different projects for clients in Canada, USA, Australia, Germany and England. — After spending his free time designing & coding a Content Management System from scratch while working for an NGO in South Africa in 2004,  Nicolas started freelancing and offering highly customized digital products. — Thanks for the Postcard was coined when he found himself sending postcards as thank-you notes to his clients while traveling & working remotely from Europe and North Africa in 2009.

A Selection of Our Work

Jeronymus – Website
Emile Bilodeau – EPK
Jean Leloup – Website
Les soeurs Boulay – EPK
Coeur de pirate – EPK
Erik Penny – Website Layout
Kroy – EPK
Les soeurs Boulay – Tour Website
Long Tall Jefferson – Website
Fanny Bloom – Website
Literatur Festival Erfurt – Visual Identity
Talking to Turtles – Album Artwork
Terra Ultima – Logo Proposition
Terra Ultima – Layout Proposition
Sony Germany – Social Media Design
Max von Wegen – Logo
Analogsoul Booking – Website
Kafka Tamura – Design Proposition

A Selection of Our Clients

Analogsoul (DE), Arcade Fire (CAN), Back Creative (AUS), Coeur de Pirate (CAN), Dare to Care Records & Grosse Boîte (CAN), Fanny Bloom (CAN), GEN (DE), Jean Leloup (CAN), Kroy (CAN), Lenovo / Singleton Ogilvy Interactive (AUS),  Nokia / Singleton Ogilvy Interactive (AUS), Le Consulat (CAN), Les soeurs Boulay (CAN), The Strumbellas (CAN), Talking to Turtles (DE), Vision Bakery (DE), Vsitor (CH), Warner Bros. / Singleton Ogilvy Interactive (AUS)


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